My teaching experience at Stanford University includes courses in comparative politics, political theory, and philosophy.

The Politics of Human Rights

Instructor, joint with Jonathan Chu, Stanford University, 2016.

Why do some governments rely on torture and death squads to control their citizens? Why did the United States send its military to stop mass atrocities in Kosovo and Libya, but not Rwanda and Syria? Is there a tradeoff between seeking justice for victims of gross human rights abuse and achieving peace? Are institutions like the International Criminal Court and truth commissions effective? 

This course introduces students to the politics of human rights from a political science perspective. Students will learn to use theory and data to explain patterns in human rights practice. We will cover human rights both during peace and war, and in domestic politics and international relations. The course includes a mix of lectures, group projects, and guest speakers, and field research.

Teaching Assistantships

Global Justice. Professor Prithviraj Datta, Stanford University, 2016 & 2017.

Contemporary Moral Problems. Professor Kristi Olson, Stanford University, 2013 & 2014.

Introduction to Comparing Political Systems. Professor Jeremy Weinstein, Stanford University, 2012.

Ethics and Politics of Public Service. Professor Tania Mitchell, Stanford University, 2012.

Justice. Professor Tom Dougherty, Stanford University, 2011.